Yay, here’s the funny reference video
Special thanks to @Penove for helping me with all these references
This will probably be my last video because my university entrance exam is coming soon (It’s basically like the final boss of exams and it includes all the books since the last three years) and I’m gonna have to study my ass out if I wanna have a good, successful life
So yeah, see ya in like 6, 7 months!

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00:00 Text
00:13 Menus
01:17 Taken Apart
07:30 Retribution
08:43 Fear Forever
16:13 Everlasting
19:35 Brain Damage
21:00 Party Room
21:19 Totally Real
22:25 Last Hour
22:41 Waffles
23:35 LeanTrap
24:02 Endo Revengo
25:22 Out of Bounds
27:54 Until Next Time
30:34 Unused/Scrapped content
35:42 Old Party Room
39:18 Unused/Scrapped content
40:08 End Screen

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