I’m so glad it’s finally finished! I’d venture to say this is my most ambitious animation I’ve made so far, and despite the fact that it’s only two minutes long, it still consumed about two months of time working on it. This is one of those ideas that I’ve had in my head for quite a long time, since I first read the book in fact, I’ve just never been confident enough that I could successfully pull it off. The modeling of the environments I did almost entirely on my own, except for the models of the tree trunks, which came from polligon.com. The textures are also mostly Polligon textures.

I had to learn several new useful aspects of CGI for this one, like animated trees, dirt, and rain. I’m particularly proud of the droplet in the puddle at the very beginning, that was all animated by eye and I think it looks nicely realistic for a first attempt. I’m not quite as happy with the trees and the dirt, but hey, they’re first attempts as well.

The sound effects in this video include my standard set of Twisted Ones noises (running shower, bicycle wheel, mattress, doorknob, cabinet drawers opening and closing) but this time with the new addition of a pitch-shifted window sliding open to be Foxy’s servos straining when it’s trying to sit upright.

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