“After the fire at Freddy Fazbear´s Pizza Place, William finds himself in a twisted afterlife, what wouldn´t be so bad if there wasn´t a strange entity that got interest in his rotten soul.”

So yeah, the Alastor´s Game Collab is finally here, a project with the participation of 14 animators, which unfortunately released later than planned, but Im pretty happy to say the wait is over!

This will be my contribuition for the Five Nights at Freddy´s 8th Anniversary, a game that truly changed my life, and also my “last goodbye”, I mean, I´ve been on this channel for 6 years and it was a hell of a ride, but I´ll be ending this journey here, and start migrating to new projects that Im craving to make happen, but not on this channel. Anyway, thank you for making part of that shitty channel since “Jaws” or Idk “I Will Not Be Moved”, Im really grateful to have you here. See you on the Flipside, lads!

Song by The Living Tombstone

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Thank you all for watching!

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