TW for mentions of beating, you can use the chapters feature to skip those parts of the video though.

Very silly of me to post my least wholesome compilation after my most wholesome one lol, do tell me if this is too mean spirited tho, or you’d prefer comps including a mutual rivalry instead of one-s like this.

Video has open captions and the layer of captions works as follows: bottom layer for Funtime Foxy, middle layer for Funtime Freddy, top layer for Puppet.

0:00 – 1:14 – safe
1:14 – 1:19 – TW skip
1:19 – 3:44 – safe
3:44 – 3:53 – TW skip
3:53 – 4:02 – safe

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Background music: Simian Segue from Donkey Kong Country

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