A year of hard work and lots of fnaf jokes later…. we give you the passion project that is NIGHT FIVE.

We are not associated with BlumHouse or Scott Cawthon (although we would like to be).

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Just like the Five Nights At Freddy’s video games, all details in this movie are purposeful, and meaningful. We have tied our own lore into the lore you already know and theorize about, can you solve ours?
This movie’s production faced many unfortunate issues. Most notably, much of the movie became corrupted at various stages of post production. And though most of the issues were able to be resolved in some capacity, this led to an inconsistent and choppy frame rate in a number of shots throughout the movie.

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Send us fan mail!
P.O. BOX: 1740 Dell Range Boulevard, Site H, P.O. # 321
Cheyenne Wyoming, 82001

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0:00 Warning
0:30 Intro
1:17 Hiring
11:14 Night 1
27:04 Dream
30:33 Night 2
36:26 Jonathan
43:05 Night 3
49:39 William
55:16 Party
1:02:07 Night 4
1:09:00 Missing
1:12:23 Night 5
1:36:56 Credits
1:38:00 Post Credit Scene
1:38:58 Rest of Credits

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