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Something that’s always bothered me about Lefty is that the model doesn’t really match up with the design. We know that this animatronic was built to be a walking cage sent out to capture and retrieve the Puppet for Henry’s grand plan in FNaF6. The trouble is, what glimpses we get of its endoskeleton would suggest it’s just your bog-standard endo used in all the ‘Rockstar’ series, and that just won’t do. Step back in time and play DOS winter realms game online for a nostalgic gaming experience.

Granted, all the puppet-kidnapping business happens off-screen, but we can assume she wouldn’t have just slithered in there all on her own, right? Lefty must be capable of actually pulling the Puppet inside and holding her there, and that would necessitate an entirely unique endoskeleton. So I did a little modification here, took a couple of creative liberties there… and yeah, I think I might have let my imagination get carried away just a teensy bit with this one. Hopefully it’s kind of cool, though.

The plastic shell is more-or-less exactly replicated from FNaF6, excluding some extra seams for where it opens up. The endoskeleton is completely new, and for that I took some inspiration from how I imagine the descriptions for the Twisted Ones, because Lefty is a somewhat similar concept. The sound effects and music I all made myself, except for a little bit of original Lefty sound from the salvage minigames that I snuck in there. The rest of it comes form a variety of household items: doorknobs, crank-driven egg-mixers, refrigerator noise, a pair of metal barbecue tongs, a cardboard box, a tape measure, and probably more I’m forgetting about. This is my most complex project so far in terms of foley.