If you are insane (or have a lotta homework or something) and want to watch the entire vod, find it here I really love how much you guys enjoy these massively long streams.

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Music in this video: (epidemic licensing)
Blip Master – Jerry Lacey
Charwee’s day out – Bugsnax OST
Thinking of You Again – BATIM OST
Attack of the Killer Queen – Deltarune OST
scary song in bugsnax OST
On Hold (instrumental version)
Fights – AGST
luv – bomull
Cigarette Boat – Marc Torch
Meanwhile Updown – Dusty Decks
Smash Brothers Unite – Rolla C

0:00 Help Wanted
34:06 FNAF 1
42:11 FNAF 2
47:25 FNAF 3
56:55 FNAF 4
1:08:16 FNAF World
1:17:19 Sister Location
1:31:51 Pizza Sim
1:40:32 UCN
1:52:16 SB