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FNAF RUIN: The Mimics ACTUAL Identity Revealed FNAF RUIN: We Were WRONG About the Mimic FNAF RUIN: Secrets 99% of Players Missed! (Full Easter Egg Reveal)

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8 new screenshots for Five Nights at Freddy;s Security Breach RUIN DLC were just tevealed during Dawko’s charity livestream. In this video we take a look at each and every one and break them down with a quick analysis. Escape RUIN ECLIPSE Security Breach DLC GAMEPLAY With everything happening in the FNAF community surrounding the Ruin DLC, between the Mimic and Eclipse, the highly requested Choose Your Guardian DLC has been put to the side. But in this video with the help of Space Bear I will uncover how the Ruin DLC could actually be a choose your guardian DLC in disguise, where we will be working with Roxanne wolf to navigate through the destroyed pizzaplex. Did we just solve the FNAF Ruin DLC?

From mechanics and her design we will see if these changes actually mean anything when combined with the Ruin teaser we received from Steel Wool a year ago with some very important, but forgotten details. The new Security Breach: Ruin teaser has come out and seemingly revealed the plethora of Ruined Animatronics we’ll be confronting in the upcoming dlc!… But something’s… off. Let’s take a look and see why something doesn’t feel right about what should be familiar face.


0:00 Early Leaks
1:14 Big Update
2:04 The Game Clues
2:56 What to Expect
5:01 New Secrets
7:40 Actual Gameplay

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