This video actually doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t follow any story. It’s all up to your interpretation 🙂 (the only thing, which I might point out is – the song is about lucid dreams, so Puppet is in a “dream” mostly in this video. That’s why she actually has emotions)

Strawpoll with a lot of songs will be out after the next fully animated project. I hope that the song I chose won’t be blocked for viewers, as it would have happened with “It’s Been So Long”. I cannot promise that I will finish my next animated video, but at least I will try. I am planning to animate BATIM, because.. I haven’t animated it in a while lol.

Useful Rig for models –

Stylized FNAF 2 map –

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■ORIGINAL SONG■ by Rezyon –
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■Rachies channel■

■Intro song■ Killrude – Skydive

■Outro song■ Ahxello – Forever

All models and stuff DON’T belong to me even the music, only my efforts in this animation!

■Models■ by:
Springbonnie V6 – TubularTimeTopper
Toy Freddy / Chica / Bonnie, Mangle, Nightmare Freddy / Bonnie / Chica / Foxy / Fredbear, Nightmare, Withered Freddy / Chica / Foxy / Bonnie – ports from the game (FNAF VR: Help Wanted)
Puppet – BillJ2001
Security Puppet – Grind animationsfm
Nightmare Puppet – Frisk ()
Rockstar Freddy / Chica / Bonnie / Foxy – TFE
Rockstar Plushies – KoFFTLY
Hybrid – Ultim8Nik
ScrapTrap – Chuiza / ThePixel
Lefty – TheDerpyFrisk / E.Breddy

■ In intro / outro ■ Plushy / organic (anthro) Nightmerinas (Bears) – CortezAnimations
Pokemon version (Weesnaaw) – SammyTFM
OOH Nightmerina – 3D-Darlin
Nightmerina Animatronic – Mangolsei

FFPS by WeaselWare
FNAF 2 (Stylized) by Adrian The Puppeteer
■NOTE■ – Some scenes I was building from props!

■PROGRAMS■ I used:
SFM Source Filmmaker
Clip Studio Paint EX for redoing pictures
Vegas Pro 16 Edit Steam Edition for montage all parts together

THIS WAS MADE IN 32 DAYS (~138 hours in total)

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