Welcome back to another Five Nights at Freddy’s playthrough. Today we are tackling the Sister Location game which is arguably seen as the best in the old-school series. This particular entry focuses much more on story and lore which is great and has varied objectives and gameplay mechanics. No night is the same which is very cool and there are plenty of secrets to unfold. The varied voice acting is a welcome change and you really feel more engaged in the story with this title than any other FNAF game that came before it. It’s kind of a shame they did not make more games like this afterward with the focus on story and in this style. I was having so much fun with the game throughout; it was challenging, but fun and the story had me invested. The ONLY thing that I thought was ridiculously difficult and unfair was the 5th night Ennard sequence where so much randomness can ruin your run. I honestly did not have a lot of fun with that and it took me multiple hours to beat it, but after I did I was happy to be finished with the experience and could get ready for more scares with other FNAF games.

You can download the free Final Nights 4 game here!

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