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After the success of my Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach videos it was but a logical step to assume that many viewers wanted to see more FNaF content. According to many the game Help Wanted was one of the best entries since it was a collection of minigames based on the first four games and then some. Playing this game is a great introduction for newcomers and fans alike since there is a lot of fan service, but also a great buildup to (re)introduce all the beloved animatronics and characters. The gameplay of previous FNaF entries is kept in tact and tweaked a bit, but it’s definitely glorious to see all the environments in proper 3D. Probably the only frustrating part in the game is the Plushbaby minigame which is very annoying, but other than that it’s not that difficult. I had a great time with this game and would definitely want to revisit it someday in VR.

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