Chase has played FNAF a bunch of times and we’ve had requests to play it a million times! We figured… now was the time.

As stated in the video, the game itself may be creepy but we don’t find it scary. It starts to get scary when you read and watch back stories, most of which are fan made. We are a family channel and this is a clean gameplay of FNAF we hope you can enjoy. We want to know if you want Lex & Mike to play FNAF as well, please let us know by giving this video a thumbs up and leave a comment. We try to play/do what’s best for this channel and it’s audience and so many of you have requested that we play it, so we hope we made the right choice. Now, the game is rated ages 12 and up, we don’t follow age ratings because Skylanders for example is rated ages 9 and up.

Thanks for watching!


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