A fan-made concept for a Five Nights at Freddy’s chapter in Dead By Daylight, in the style of the official Spotlight trailers. Includes a new map, Killer and Survivor.

This project, like all of my previous has been made in the Unity game engine. I have recreated the base game so that I can implement custom content into it like this.

THIS IS A FAN-MADE, NON-PROFIT VIDEO. All Dead By Daylight-related and Five Nights at Freddy’s related-assets belong to their respective owners – Behaviour Interactive and Scott Cawthon, Steel Wool Games, Illumix.

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[CONCEPT CREDITS] Narration – FarmerJohn ()
Springtrap’s Music / Spanish Translation – FirsEncounterAssault ()
All Perks & Killer Power And Narration Script – WheatDraws ()
Thumbnail Character Renders – Benj ()
Portuguese Translation – Astofer ()
French Translation – Amacky ()
Japanese Translation – Tetsuyaku ()

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted assets belong to Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool Games, Inc. This includes the models of Bonnie and Chica. The model of Springtrap and his idling animation belongs to Illumix.

Dead By Daylight assets belong to Behaviour Interactive. This includes things like like the UI, sounds, animations, certain models, and more.

Music used in the video (in order):
Theyre Standing (Pawel Blaszczak) – Used in FNaF 3’s pre-remastered menu
Springtrap Lobby Theme (FirsEncounterAssault) – Custom theme
A Storm Brews (Emmett Cooke) – Used in FNaF 3 Trailer
No Hope For Pluto (Dynamedion) – Used in FNaF 2 Trailer

0:00 Introduction
0:18 New Map
0:39 Killer Introduction
0:58 Killer Power
2:07 Killer Perks
3:07 Survivor Introduction
4:05 Survivor Perks
5:09 Conclusion
5:41 Next Concept Teaser
6:02 Behind The Scenes
7:00 Support The Team