Yes, THIS IS THE ORIGINAL. It’s sad that I have to disclose this, but I saw so many shitlings on dickdog stealing it and calling it their own work that it’s sickening.

Shoutout to my sister’s boyfriend, very epic

I decided to cross Five Night’s at Freddy’s with Bongo Cat in my biggest project to the date. I spent several weeks working on it. Maybe the amount of effort put into this video ain’t visible, but I know how much I struggled to finish everything, and therefore I am really happy I managed to pull it off. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me on my way, it really means a lot.

► Thank for allowing me to animate your music mr. BGH Music, very cool (づ • ᴥ • )づ
► ♫ Original remix by BGH Music:

♪ IMPOSSIBLE REMIX – “Five Nights at Freddy’s Song” The Living Tombstone

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