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Aftonbuilt was a dark new take on the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise.
Following the events of FNaF 3, you play as The Mechanic, one of the engineers responsible for the upkeep of the attraction. After saving the main attraction from the blaze you find that the animatronic has been possessed with the spirit of the founder of Freddy Fazbears, William Afton. The Mechanic and Afton team up to continue his work, and build Afton a new body to walk amongst the living yet again.
The player is tasked with surviving four of the most harrowing locations in Fazbear history using only their wits, movement, and a set of handmade tools. Using these, the player will have to fight back, striking back against the monsters that hunt them using traps and the environment to corner and scrap them. All the while exploring these locations for the secrets that lay just beneath the surface.

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